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Springfield, OR Air Conditioning Tip: Common AC Problems

As the heat of summer approaches, homeowners all over are getting ready for the cooling season. Unfortunately, some of these homeowners are bound to discover that their air conditioning system is not ready for the task that lies ahead. If you discover a problem with your air conditioning system it is always a good idea to contact your professional Springfield, OR air conditioning repair technician as soon as possible. The longer a problem with your AC is allowed to develop, the more serious it is likely to become. Call the Springfield, OR air conditioning repair pros at Comfort Flow Heating today for more information. Here are a few examples of some common problems that we come across with air conditioning systems.

One of the most frequent service calls that we receive during the cooling season is about air conditioners that simply won’t turn on. As is the case with most air conditioning problems that you may experience, there are many different potential causes of this particular problem. The good news is that, in many cases, it is not a very serious issue. In fact, sometimes there is not a problem with the system at all. Before deciding that your air conditioner is broken down, check its power source. It is possible that your AC has become disconnected from its power source, or that a circuit breaker has tripped. A flip of a switch may solve the problem. You may also have set your thermostat incorrectly, so double check that it is on the “cool” setting and the target temperature is correct.

If there is no obvious cause of the problem, contact a Springfield, OR air conditioning repair professional immediately. It is possible that there is a problem with some electrical component of the system. If your AC turns on but is not able to cool your home, it may be low on refrigerant. This is a common issue, and usually indicates a refrigerant leak. Your AC recycles refrigerant, it does not consume it. This means that a low refrigerant charge is usually the result of leak requiring professional repair service.

For more information about common air conditioning problems, or to schedule professional air conditioning repair, contact Comfort Flow Heating today. We are happy to help you get a better performance from your AC. Let us help keep you cool this summer.

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