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How Does the Refrigerant Cycle Work?

Whether you have a ductless mini split or central air conditioning system, it relies on the refrigerant cycle to move warm air out of your house and cool air indoors. While our customers enjoy the convenience and comfort of having a comprehensive air conditioning system at their beck and call, knowing a little bit more about how the cycle itself works can go a long way towards knowing when your AC is not operating correctly. At Comfort Flow Heating, we are committed to educating our customers as well as servicing their HVAC systems. Call us today for excellent air conditioning services in Florence, OR.

Let’s begin with the compressor since it is the engine of the air conditioning system as a whole. During operation, your compressor accepts a low-pressure gas from the indoor evaporator coils, and turns it into a high-temperature, high-pressure gas. This hot gas now works its way through the condenser coils that wrap around the compressor, which typically sits in the center of the outdoor unit. The condenser circulates this hot gas as the much cooler outside air is blown through them by means of an exhaust fan. This thermal interaction dissipates the heat into the outside air and condenses the refrigerant into a liquid.

But this liquid is not yet cool enough to provide adequate cooling for your home. That’s where the expansion valve comes into play. This small device meters the flow of refrigerant, reducing its pressure. This significantly drops the temperature of the liquid refrigerant, and it is now ready to be used to cool your air. The evaporator coils circulates this cool liquid as warm indoor air passes through the air handler. If you have a forced air distribution system, the air was sucked in through the ductwork by the blower motor. During this production of cool air, the refrigerant evaporates into a gas, and the refrigerant cycle starts anew.

Call Comfort Flow Heating today if you’re in need of air conditioning services in Florence, OR. We can make sure that your AC operates well, no matter hot it is outside.

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