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Plan for Air Conditioning Repairs Now

Spring is often the first opportunity you will have during the year to find out how well your air conditioner is running. When you turn it on for the first time, pay attention to all aspects of its operation. Look for any indications of faults or malfunctions. Loud, unusual sounds from the cabinets. Weak airflow from the vents. Circuit breakers constantly tripping. The compressor shutting off early, then turning right back on. Frost along the coils. All of these are warnings that the air conditioner isn’t ready for spring weather, let alone summer. Call a professional HVAC technician for repairs right away.

For quality air conditioning services in Salem, OR, make the call to a trusted name: Comfort Flow Heating. We’ve made comfort our calling for more than 50 years.

Why Take Care of AC Repairs Sooner Instead Of Later

A mild Salem spring can make it easy to dismiss air conditioning malfunctions. If the problem doesn’t seem to have much effect on the system’s cooling power, why not wait until summer to look into it further?

But you should never delay with repairs for an air conditioner for a number of reasons. First, malfunctions in any complex mechanical system will put additional strain on other components, causing problems to spread. What at first seemed like a minor glitch will enlarge into an expansive and expensive repair job after only a few weeks.

Second, the extra stress from a malfunction—even if it doesn’t trigger further failures—will cause the AC to run inefficiently. It will drain electrical power to overcome the repair needs, and this will translate into a spike on your electrical bills.

Third, you don’t want to have any fault in the air conditioner turn into a full breakdown when summer arrives. When the thermometer goes up, your AC will need to work more, and the additional stress put onto an already shaky machine can cause it to shut down. You don’t want to get stranded with a broken air conditioner on one of summer’s hottest days while waiting for emergency repairs.

Remember To Schedule Regular Maintenance

Let’s suppose that your air conditioner has already turned on and nothing seems amiss. You still need to contact a trustworthy repair service to schedule regular preventive maintenance for the system. All ACs should have annual maintenance to check for possible repair problems and to tune-up and clean the system so it will work at its best for the summer. An air conditioner that receives regular maintenance will sustain 95% of its efficiency for most of its life.

To have any necessary repairs done fast, call Comfort Flow Heating: we have 24-hour emergency service. Also inquire about out Energy Savings Agreement to maintain your air conditioning in Salem, OR.

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