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Why Heating Repair Makes Sense in Spring and Summer

Summer in Oregon can mean some hot days, but it also means an occasional chilly day. And course, there’s always the rain for which our state is so well known. For these reasons alone, you cannot afford to ignore your home’s heating system during spring and summer. Sometimes, repair work on heaters makes perfect sense at this time.

What also makes sense: calling Comfort Flow Heating whenever you need heating repairs in Salem, OR. We have more than a half-century of work experience in the Willamette Valley and a reputation for happy customers.

Heating Repairs for the Warm(er) Seasons

The principle reason for staying on top of repairs for your furnace, heat pump, or radiant heating is to make sure you are ready for that “rainy day”—because it’s almost certain to come along. You don’t want your heater to struggle to warm up your home, or even fail completely, right when you need it. If the heater displayed signs of lingering problems at the end of the winter, you cannot afford to wait for the fall to arrive before scheduling repair work. The problem may have only worsened since winter, and it could lead to an unpleasant surprise when you turn the system back on.

Maintaining efficiency is another reason to keep repairs current for heating systems, no matter the time of year. When you do need to have the heater on, it will waste a large amount of energy trying to overcoming a malfunction like a grimy burner, blower motors, or leaking hot water pipes. You’ll have trouble keeping your summer energy bills under control if the heater drains too much additional power each time it comes on.

If you use a heat pump to heat your home, having repairs for it is doubly important during the summer because the heat pump also works as your air conditioner. A heat pump is not two different systems: problems with heating will be problems with cooling, so you can’t ignore a repair problem you notice in heating mode. It needs to be fixed, or the cooling will soon follow it in failing.

Finally, if you have a gas-powered furnace in your home, you must have leftover malfunctions from winter remedied before they lead to safety issues. Possible gas leak dangers are just as hazardous in summer as in winter. Never hesitate when it comes to fixing a gas-powered appliance.

Remember maintenance

When you schedule your heating repairs, also check to see how long since you had a maintenance session for it. If it’s been longer than a year, you should set up an appointment now to make sure that the system needs no additional repairs and to check that it is running efficiently.

Comfort Flow Heating can handle all your needs for heating repair in Salem, OR. We have technicians ready around the clock, around the calendar for your convenience.

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