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The Antidote to Faulty Ductwork: Duct Sealing

Ductwork is intrinsic to any forced-air system, making it very important that your ductwork be in good shape in order to perform its job of delivering air efficiently. Faulty ductwork can account for up to a 30% air loss for your home, making the repair of any faulty ductwork you have imperative. However, you don’t want to hire someone who is going to provide you with the equivalent of putting some duct tape on the cracks and holes of your ductwork system. You want real duct sealing, and the experts from Comfort Flow Heating can help you.

What It Is

When you hire experts like ours to perform duct sealing, you can count on the seals being durable and solving the problems being caused by your faulty ductwork. Our technician will first assess all the faulty areas by thoroughly reviewing your entire ductwork system, then beginning the sealing process. To properly seal holes and cracks, your specialist will apply an adhesive known as mastic. Mastic goes on like a fibrous paste, but hardens into a flexible yet durable seal that will stop the loss of air. If there are disconnections at joints, both ends of the joint will be brushed with mastic and joined with sheet metal binding that is secured with sheet metal nails. Mastic needs a few hours to cure, aka, harden, so once it is applied it needs to be left alone to do so. The appointment length will be dependent on how much of your ductwork needs sealing.


As we have mentioned, one of the benefits of duct sealing is stopping significant air loss. But there are other benefits to this service, too, including better indoor air quality, reduced stress on your system, and longevity for your ductwork system.

There’s no need to suffer with faulty ductwork in Eugene, OR when the trained professionals from Comfort Flow Heating remedy the situation with professional duct sealing services!

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