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Considering Radiant Heating? You Have a Choice to Make

Congratulations! You have chosen to add radiant heating to your home in Eugene, OR. Maybe the idea of toasty floors in the middle of winter won you over, or knowing that a radiant heating system won’t aggravate the allergy sufferers in your home. Now that you’ve made this decision, you have one more decision to make: which type of radiant heating are you going to use? Not sure? Here is a quick overview on the two types of radiant heating available.

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Hydronic systems use hot water or the steam from hot water to heat a home. So the first thing you need to keep in mind when choosing a hydronic radiant heating system is that you are going to need a boiler. If you already use a boiler in your home, allowing a trained expert to add radiant heating will be fairly easy. Hydronic systems are mainly for use in floors only. We say this because you can have radiant heating in walls and ceilings, but that is not recommended when using a hydronic radiant heating system in case a leak develops. Flexible PEX tubing carries the hot water or steam in your system, and this tubing can be installed directly to subflooring or placed in wet cement to create a radiant slab.

Electric Radiant Heating

To heat your floors using electricity, your heating specialist will use specialized cable. This cable radiates heat when electrified. You can use electrical cable in floors, ceiling and walls. Installation can be direct to subflooring or set in wet cement to form a radiant slab when the cement dries.

Which Is for Me?

The best way to decide which type of radiant heating will fit best in your home is to work with a Comfort Flow Heating expert. We’ll review your needs and help determine which type of radiant system will meet them as needed. If you are ready for radiant heating in your home, call us today!

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