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Is the Air Filter on My AC Enough for Good Air Quality?

We write often about the importance of the air filter in your HVAC system. It protects both the air conditioner and the furnace from damage due to dust, dirt, and other debris that may flow through the return air ducts. Changing this filter regularly is an essential part of maintenance.

But there’s something that this type of filter doesn’t do but that many people think that it does. It doesn’t work as an indoor air quality device. It may prevent a small amount of dust and dirt from circulating through your home, but if your household is suffering from issues due to air contaminants, this one filter isn’t going to help.

Are there filters that will improve my air quality?

Absolutely. But these are additional filters that need to be specially selected and integrated into your HVAC system. The AC/furnace filter will continue to do its job of protecting the comfort system from contaminants entering the return air ducts, but these other filters will do the work of catching pollutants that are moving through the supply ducts and out into your living spaces. They’re specially designed to handle this job.

However, you shouldn’t go out and try to purchase these air quality filters yourself. Professionals will find the filters that will target the type of pollutants in your HVAC system, and make sure the filter doesn’t place restrictions on airflow.

Also consider air cleaners

An air cleaner is an indoor air quality device that doesn’t use filtration at all, but ionization or UV radiation. These devices are effective for particles that will slip through any kind of filter, such as chemicals, smoke, and odor molecules. An indoor air quality specialist can find out if an air cleaner will help your household, and then pair the air cleaner with a filter. This combination should provide you with the cleanest air possible for your household.

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