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Salem OR Heating Tip: Common heating repairs

Here in Oregon we all need our heating systems to work well to keep us comfortable during the cold winter months. Because of all the use that your heating system gets over the course of the year it will likely run into problems. When that happens contact the Salem, OR heating experts at Comfort Flow Heating. We have years of experience working with all kinds of heating systems and wanted to share some of the most common heating repairs that we see so that you can keep an eye out for them.

Not Enough Heating

Probably one of the most common Salem, OR heating repairs that we see is insufficient heating. This can be caused by a faulty thermostat that is causing your heating system not to deliver enough heat into your home. This can also be caused by a clogged air filter which could be restricting the flow of air into your home. There are a number of other problems that could be keeping your home from getting warm enough. Call the Salem, OR heating technicians at Comfort Flow if you have this issue.

Heating System Making Strange Noises

Is your heating system making a squealing noise? This is most likely caused by a worn out fan belt that just needs to be replaced or oiled. Contact the Salem heating professionals at Comfort Flow for all your heating repairs. Other common heating noises are rumbling and rattling. Rattling in a furnace can sometimes indicate that you have a carbon monoxide leak. Make sure you keep an ear open for any new or unusual noises coming from your heating system.

Change the Air Filter

By far the most common cause of heating issues is a clogged air filter. The air filter in your furnace or heat pump is there to keep dust and dirt from getting into the moving parts of your heating system. If it isn’t changed regularly it can get clogged and cause big problems. A clogged air filter can cause insufficient heat, overheating, cracked heat exchangers and more.

For all your Salem, OR heating repair, contact Comfort Flow today.

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