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Salem OR Heating FAQ: How Can Duct Cleaning Improve Heating Efficiency?

During the heating season, many homeowners focus as much on the efficiency of their home heating system as the effectiveness with which it heats their home. With energy prices as high as they are, it is no wonder that so many people are so concerned with their heating system’s energy efficiency. There are many ways in which you can improve the energy efficiency of your heating system. In some cases, professional duct cleaning may be the solution you are looking for. If you are interested in scheduling professional duct cleaning service, call the Salem, OR duct cleaning technicians at Comfort Flow Heating.

There are a great number of factors that may affect the condition within your air ducts. Because we do not often have cause to inspect the interior of our ductwork, many homeowners do not even realize that there is a problem. If dirt, dust and other debris is allowed to accumulate in your ductwork, though, it can lead to a number of different problems, including reduced efficiency.

If there is excessive dirt and dust in your ductwork, your air filters are more likely to clog up. This can increase the airflow resistance within your ductwork. Your heating system will need to work harder to keep your home warm and to distribute heated air in this situation. That means that more energy will be needed to do so. The more energy your heater uses, the more money you will wind up paying to operate it.

When your air ducts are dirty, the condition of your heating equipment itself is put at risk. The air filter installed in your heating system by the factory is intended more to protect your heating equipment than to boost air quality. If dirt and dust is allowed to accumulate on the components of your heating system, its performance may be compromised. This can lead to reduced efficiency levels.

The Salem heating professionals at Comfort Flow Heating are available to answer all your questions about duct cleaning services. Contact Comfort Flow Heating today to learn more. We can help you keep your home warm and cozy in a more efficient, affordable manner.

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