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How to Tell You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

As we move into the summer season, your business will start to rely on its air conditioning system more and more to keep employees and clientele comfortable and happy during business hours. The last thing you want to happen during one of the hottest days of the year—or even on a moderately hot day—is to have your AC give out on you and leave your business unpleasantly warm.

The best way to prepare your air conditioning system for the summer is with a preventive maintenance visit from commercial HVAC technicians. But even the best maintenance available can’t stop all AC malfunctions. Below are some signs you should watch for during this coming summer that will warn you it’s time to call us for commercial air conditioning repair:

  • Hot spots around the work place: As a commercial AC starts to struggle, it will not be able to effectively distribute cool air throughout a building. This will lead to some parts becoming too hot. When you start hearing complaints from workers, clients, customers, or tenants regarding uneven temperatures, you should call for professional repairs.
  • Odd sounds from the vents: Most commercial AC systems are housed on the roof, which helps remove the noise they make from the workspace. This does make it harder to tell when one is making an odd sound that indicates it needs repair work. However, some noise will come through the ductwork. If you hear clanging, grinding, and mechanical screeching sounds from the vents, you should call for technicians to look into the problem.
  • A spike in utility bills: You keep a close watch on your bills as part of running your business. If you notice a rise in costs somewhere, it merits inspection. If your utility bills during the summer have skyrocketed compared to the same time last year, it’s possible that a malfunctioning AC is the cause of it.

Comfort Flow Heating is here to take care of your commercial HVAC needs in Eugene, OR.

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