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Do You Need to Replace Your Commercial Heater?

In the middle of the holiday season, the last thing you want to think about is replacing your commercial heating system. However, the alternative may be having no heat at all, and this kind of situation could potentially shut your business down. Not sure if your commercial heating system needs repair or replacement? Let us help you with the following information:

How many repairs have you made, or have to make?

Repairs can add up very quickly, especially with large systems like a commercial heater. If you have had to hire experts to perform a lot of repairs recently, or you are facing a very expensive repair just to keep your heating system operational, it’s time to see if your money is better spent on a new, reliable heating system.

How is the performance?

The purpose of having a heating system in your commercial space is to keep your space functioning for its business use. If your heating system is struggling all the time to reach a comfortable temperature, the heating is very uneven or operating the system is costing you far more than it should, then it’s time to consider a new system.

How old is your commercial heater?

Age plays a tremendous role when considering the replacement of your commercial heating system. The average lifespan of a commercial system maxes out at about 20 years, so if your system is very close to this age, or there, and is experiencing any of the above problems, it is time to consult with a commercial HVAC expert about replacing the system.

The commercial pros from Comfort Flow Heating can help you find, size and install the right, new commercial heating system for your commercial property in Eugene, OR. Just give us a call and set up an appointment!

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