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Common Geothermal Repairs

Many homeowners in our area enjoy the benefits a geothermal system has to offer. While this type of system has less moving parts than a system like a furnace or air conditioner, it can still need repairs. Some may be concerned about the repairs that a geothermal system may incur because of the ground loop. The good news is that a) the ground loop rarely needs repair and; b) the HVAC pros from Comfort Flow Heating can help you with any repair need you may have with your geothermal system in Eugene.

Repair Issues

One of the common areas of repair is with the heat pump. Every geothermal system uses a heat pump, and common issues that develop with air-source heat pumps will also develop with ground- or water-source heat pumps. For instance, a problem may develop with the compressor or the condenser. Clogged air filters can also create systemic problems. If your geothermal system uses a water-source heat pump, you may see issues develop from lime scale build-up in the system, which can be easily flushed out by one of our trained experts.

Another area where common problems can develop are with the delivery method. If you use ductwork to deliver the heating and cooling your geothermal system provides, you may encounter problems with faulty or dirty ductwork. The other delivery method is via indoor blowers. These components can develop problems with the fan, the coils and the air filter, all repairs that can be easily managed by our pros.

What If the Ground Loop Does Leak?

As we mentioned above, ground loop leaks are not that common. Should one develop, though, you don’t have to worry about your entire yard being dug up like an archeological dig. Our technicians are trained to use nontoxic dye to find ground loop leaks. The dye is injected into your geothermal system, and once it reaches the leak, it will leach into the surrounding ground and makes its way to the surface a few days after injecting the dye. Our technician will inspect your yard, and once the dye is found on the ground’s surface, we’ll be able to pinpoint where the leak is, dig down and repair it.

Experiencing issues with your geothermal system in Eugene? Call our pros today!

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