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Why Does My Cooling Feel Uneven?

You have a whole home air conditioner to stay comfortable throughout the hot summer months; experiencing uneven cooling, aka, hot and cold spots, can leave you anything but comfortable. There can be a few reasons why you are experiencing uneven cooling in your home, but no matter the cause, it’s important to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Uneven cooling can put undue stress on your system as it tries to achieve more even cooling for your home. The AC specialists at Comfort Flow Heating can assist you with all of your air conditioning needs in Eugene, OR – just give us a call!

Causes of Uneven Cooling

There are a few reasons why your home may have uneven cooling, and here are three of the more common ones:

  • Excessive daytime heat gain – your home can gain up to an extra ten degrees of heat during the day depending on the orientation of your home. This is a good thing during the winter months but not so good during the summer months. An easy fix to this kind of problem is to hang blinds or drapes and block the sun’s rays in the spaces of your home that are most prone to gaining daytime heat.
  • Problems with your ductwork – faulty ductwork or significantly dirty ductwork can restrict or even block air flow to certain registers in your home, creating uneven cooling. When it comes to your ductwork, it’s always best to hire a professional for help, whether your ducts need cleaning or sealing.
  • Performance issues with an aging air conditioner – as air conditioning systems age, their components begin to break down, resulting in uneven performance; this can impact the quality of your indoor air.

Clearly you can hang blinds or curtains on your own, but if other issues are creating uneven cooling in your home, it’s time to call for an expert.

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