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What Are Some Common Repairs for a Ductless Cooling System?

Some homeowners may have concerns about the type of repairs that can be needed for a ductless system. Just because these systems don’t have ductwork doesn’t mean they are inherently more complicated to repair – they aren’t. But all repair should be handled by a trained expert so that your ductless system is in the best hands possible. The experts at Comfort Flow Heating have been providing repair services for ductless systems for a long time, and as such, can handle any repair you may have. Call us today and see what we can do for your ductless cooling system in Eugene, OR.

Types of Repairs

The outdoor unit of a ductless system is very similar to that of a traditional split system; as such, repairs to the outdoor unit of your ductless system will be very similar to that a traditional system. Such problems can include issues with the compressor, problems with the condenser coils or problems with the fan. The conduits that connect the indoor blowers to the outdoor unit contain a power cord, refrigerant line and condensate line. Because these lines are longer with a ductless system, they can sometimes be more prone to developing a leak, or, in the case of the condensate line, a clog. The next area where you may see problems develop is a blower. Each indoor blower houses a fan, air filter and a set of coils; problems can arise with any of these components just as they can in a traditional system. These parts are just smaller in the indoor blower, making them a little more delicate.

Call for an Expert

Your ductless cooling system is the main source for your cool air, so don’t trust it to just anyone. While it can be tempting to try and fix a small issue yourself, you may actually make the problem worse by taking it on. The experts at Comfort Flow Heating are available 24/7, so if you are experiencing problems with your ductless AC, call us today!

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