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Is It Time for New Air Conditioner? Don’t Miss These 5 Steps

Buying a whole home air conditioner is nothing like purchasing a simple window unit. There are a number of considerations that go into the installation of a whole home AC system, many of which need to be reviewed and factored in before you move ahead with purchasing and installing. To help you better navigate this process, the experts at Comfort Flow Heating have put together a quick list of 3 of the more important steps to take prior to installing your new air conditioning system.

Step 1: Review All Types

It doesn’t matter if this is a first-time installation or a replacement air conditioner – you have many options to choose from, so it’s important to understand what each type can offer your home in terms of comfort, efficiency and durability.

Step 2: Review Energy Efficiency Levels

All air conditioners are made to operate at the minimum standard SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating of 13, but this range goes as high as 23+. It’s important to review the SEER rating with your trained AC expert to assess what SEER level will be best for your home.

Step 3: Account for Your Needs

Clearly you want a whole home system to meet your cooling needs, but it’s important to make sure your system meets your other needs as well. These may be a specific level of energy efficiency, the need to work with or without ducts, or the need to meet your environmental expectations.

Step 4: Properly Size Your Chosen AC

Once you have chosen the right AC for your home, you and your technician will need to make sure the unit is properly sized to deliver the right amount of cooling to your home.

Step 5: Hire an Expert for the Entire Process, Including Installation

Working with an expert for the entire process of your AC installation ensures that you will choose and install a unit that will keep you cool for years to come. If you need help with a new air conditioning installation in Eugene, OR, call our experts today!

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