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Stages of Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a new air conditioner is a DIY job… if you’re installing a small window unit. You may need a friend to help balance the heavy piece of equipment while you angle it into the open window, but once that’s done, all you have to do is screw down the window and the side flaps of the unit and plug it in. Done.

But installing a ­central air conditioning is not a DIY project! It requires specialists with years of training and experience to do the job correctly and in a timely fashion. Don’t ever trust the work to amateurs. Call a company with years of history handling air conditioning installation in Salem, OR. Call Comfort Flow Heating today, and we’ll take you through the following stages of AC installation:

The Stages of the Air Conditioning Installation Process

  • Selecting and sizing the unit: Before any tools come out, the installers will help you pick the right model of AC and size it so it has the right power and cooling load to match your home and its energy needs. Incorrect sizing can turn out disastrous, so you need to have the professionals on the work from the beginning.
  • Ductwork resizing: When the actual work of installing starts, the installers will first cut your existing ductwork to fit the new system. This usually only involves some minor changes.
  • Placing the indoor unit: Next, the indoor evaporator unit goes into place. It is hooked to the ducts, connects to a drain line for condensate drainage, and links to the coolant line that will go outside to the condenser unit.
  • Placing the condenser unit: The outdoor cabinet that houses the condenser coil and the compressor, is placed and secured to a solid foundation. The coolant and power lines connect to it.
  • Electrical systems check: The installers inspect all the electrical connections. Because air conditioners use a great deal of power to run the compressor, they need to be checked to make sure they will not cause tripped circuit breakers.
  • Full system check: Now that the complete air conditioner is hooked up and charged with refrigerant, the installers run the AC and check on air flow, cooling power, and thermostat control.

Professionals will not leave your home until they are 100% certain that your air conditioner is working as it should, with no malfunctions or unnecessary stress that could lead to repairs in the near future. You now have your sturdy and powerful new air conditioner ready to work keeping your home cool for many summers to come.

Call Comfort Flow Heating when you are ready for new air conditioning system installation in Salem, OR. Our history speaks for itself: more than 50 years of providing comfort for our customers… and we’ve no intent of stopping now.

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