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Thermostat Problems and Air Conditioning Repairs

Thermostats are small devices compared to rest of a home’s comfort system. But don’t let that diminutive size deceive you: thermostats are powerful control centers that can make or break an air conditioner. In this post, we’re concerned with the ways a malfunctioning thermostat could “break” your AC—or at least make it start to work incorrectly and require that you call for air conditioning repair service in Eugene, OR.

Because thermostat issues can look like electrical or mechanical failures inside an air conditioner’s cabinet, you must have skilled repair technicians handle the job of fixing them. The professionals will know where to search to determine the source of your home’s cooling woes. You can reach Comfort Flow Heating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency service that will cut to the heart of the problem and fix it.

Some Common Thermostat Issues That Require Repair Work

  • Miscalibration: When a thermostat begins to misread a home’s temperature by a few degrees or more—a miscalibration in the temperature sensor—it will result in behavior from the air conditioner that will create an uncomfortable home environment. This is usually a simple repair for technicians, although they may advise that you replace an old manual model thermostat with an updated and more precise digital programmable unit.
  • Connection loss: A thermostat (except for recent wireless models) communicates to an air conditioner through a series of wires that control when the fans and the compressor turn on and off. Loss of connection in any of these wires due to breaks or loose connections will cause the air conditioner to fail to turn on or refuse to turn off. These types of problems often look like serious malfunctions within the AC itself, but experts will narrow down the problem if it originates with the thermostat and provide the necessary targeted repairs.
  • Poor unit placement: If amateurs originally installed the AC in your home, the thermostat may be located in a poor position to record accurate temperatures. If it the thermostat is too far from the center of the house, it will pick up outlier readings that won’t reflect the actual temperature of the rest of the house. If placed in direct sunlight or near outside drafts, the thermostat will detect “ghost readings” higher or lower than the true temperature. These problems will all lead to poor AC performance. Technicians will have to move the thermostat to a better spot.

Call Comfort Flow Heating for AC Repairs

Sometimes determining what is causing a malfunction in an air conditioning system is the hardest part of a repair. But if you leave your air conditioning repair in Eugene, OR to the experienced team at Comfort Flow Heating, you can expect a fast and accurate solution to whatever ails your comfort system.


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