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Do I Need to Call for Repairs if There Is Frost in My Air Conditioner?

A common mistake homeowners make regarding their air conditioning systems is to think that the appearance of frost on the indoor evaporator coil is normal and nothing that requires repairs. But frost or ice appearing anywhere on an AC is a serious problem that needs remedy from professional technicians as soon as possible.

We’ll look into the reasons that ice can form over the coil in your air conditioner. Regardless of the original cause for the icing, call Comfort Flow Heating right away for the necessary air conditioning repair in Salem, OR that will reverse the problem and restore your cooling.

The trouble with ice on an AC

Ice forms along the evaporator coil whenever the coil begins to absorb less heat than normal. The evaporator coil performs the crucial job of removing the heat from the air that will pass into the ventilation system and move out into your living spaces. If the coil doesn’t absorb enough heat, the cold refrigerant inside it will remain at a low enough temperature that it will freeze condensation moisture along the coil. Once this ice forms, it will further block heat absorption, leading to a downward cycle until ice blocks the whole coil and no cooling can occur.

Why ice might form

A common reason for this to start is because of a clogged air filter. When the air filter cannot bring in sufficient warm indoor air to the evaporator coil, the refrigerant will not cool down fast enough, and the ice will start. This is one of the many reasons you must change the air filter once a month during the summer when the AC runs regularly.

If excess dirt enters the AC’s cabinet, it will lead to a grime layer across the evaporator coil, which will insulate it and lower heat absorption, triggering the ice growth. Professionals will need to remove the coil and clean it. Don’t attempt to scrape the ice off on your own, as you might damage the coil.

Finally, and most seriously, a loss of refrigerant due to leaking will also cause ice to form. Less refrigerant in the coil means reduced heat absorption, and the remaining refrigerant will remain cold enough to start the freezing. Low refrigerant charge can lead to serious damage in the compressor, so this must be solved right away. Professionals will seal the leak and recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

Professionals are only a call away

At Comfort Flow Heating, our motto is, “No job is too large or too small.” No matter what problem has caused the ice on your AC, you can trust us to bring you quality air conditioning repair in Salem, OR. We are always ready for your call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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