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It’s Spring: Time to Start Thinking About Your AC

schedule-service-reminderSpring has finally sprung here in Eugene! Spring is typically a welcome return after a long winter here in Oregon. You’re probably anticipating flowers blooming and sunshine lingering later and later into the hours of the evening. The best way to ensure that you can really enjoy everything that spring has to offer is by addressing your air conditioning in Eugene, OR now.

Heating might be the star of the show up here in the Pacific Northwest, but you know that when temperatures start to rise, your air conditioning is just as important. Make sure that you’re giving this aspect of your HVAC system the quality care that it deserves.

It’s a Great Time to Maintain

Have you maintained your air conditioning system yet? If not, you’re still right on time to schedule these services. The ideal time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance services is in spring while the ideal time to schedule your heating services is in fall. Scheduling maintenance services before the season starts allows a professional to take a close look at your system, recalibrate and tune-up parts, and even perform repair services as needed. If you’re searching for a team that can perform great maintenance services for you in our area, make sure that you come to our team.

Thinking About Upgrading?

If you’ve realized that maintenance or repair just isn’t cutting it, then it might be time for you to replace your heating system. This is understandable if you’ve had consistent problems with your air conditioner throughout past summers or if you’re just incurring too many expenses in this arena. If you’re thinking about upgrading, you might just want to opt for the perfunctory central air conditioning system because it’s probably what you’re most familiar with. However, this is a great opportunity to assess the needs of your home and your personal cooling preferences and potentially find a cooling system that’s even better for you. We offer:

  • Central Air Conditioning: Central air conditioning is what you’re probably thinking of when you think of “AC.” It’s the most common way to cool your home across the country because it utilizes reliable technology, is cost-effective, and works seamlessly with the ductwork that’s already installed in most homes.
  • Ductless Mini Splits: If you’ve heard of “zone controlled” cooling and like the idea of it but don’t want to retrofit one of these systems into your home then we’d suggest a ductless mini-split. A ductless system allows you to have personalized air conditioning services because these autonomous air handlers can work alone and be installed in the areas that you need them the most.
  • Geothermal Units: If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to cool your home then consider a geothermal unit. Geothermal units utilize the thermal energy of the earth a few feet underground to both heat and cool your home. These systems are great for the environment and last for decades so they’re a great investment for your home too.

Make sure that you’re AC is ready for the high temperatures on the horizon! If you’re looking for a great air conditioning technician in Eugene then make sure you contact our team at Comfort Flow Heating today to schedule an appointment.

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