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Heed These Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

outside-ac-unitYour AC unit doesn’t talk, so how do you know when it needs repairs? Well, it might not speak in actual words, but AC units actually do make it obvious when they need servicing. 

However, you have to know what to be looking for or you’ll miss your unit’s cries for help. Check out these common signs that your air conditioner needs repair. 

1. Noises in the Night

Your AC unit can make strange noises at any time. However, it is easier to notice these noises at night when the house is quiet. Loose components in the system can make grinding, banging, squealing, or even hissing noises. 

If not repaired, the problem is likely to get worse. There’s also a possibility that the loose component comes free and causes damage to other parts of the system. 

2. Sky High Energy Bills

Energy bills are often a source of financial lament, but an AC unit on the fritz will make this problem even worse. The unit will run inefficiently, which will require more energy to accomplish the same task. 

This extra work will also cause the unit wear out faster, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner. All of it is bad news for your wallet. An inexpensive service call for repairs can make quick work of this problem and save you money in the long run.

3. Your AC Unit Is Short-Cycling

A short-cycling AC unit is exactly what it sounds like. The unit is coming on, running for a short time, then shutting off again before completing a full cycle. 

Then, because your home is not actually cooling down as it should, the unit comes on again rather soon for another short stint. 

This problem is hard to notice because the unit may not sound out of the ordinary, other than the fact that the cycles are so short. Make a mental note of how long a typical cycle should be and keep an ear out for changes. 

4. Your Home Is Too Warm

This one seems obvious on paper but many homeowners don’t actually heed this warning very quickly. Rising temperatures outdoors may lead them to believe the unit just can’t keep up or they might think the problem isn’t too serious. After all, the unit is still working to some extent.

However, your AC unit should be perfectly capable of keeping your home cool. If it isn’t, something is most likely wrong. A qualified technician can easily diagnose and repair the source of your trouble and you can enjoy comfortably cool temperatures once again.

Pay Attention to Your Air Conditioner

Many people get busy with the stuff of life and simply don’t notice their air conditioner needs repair until it stops working completely. However, if you notice and heed any of these signs, you’ll greatly extend the life of your system and keep cool all at the same time.

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