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Why You Shouldn’t Attempt AC Repairs on Your Own

tools-on-ac-unitWe live in a “do-it-yourself” culture, and much of that is the responsibility—some would say the fault—of the Internet. Anyone today can type a few terms into a search engine on topics as diverse as gardening to automotive repair and come away with a handy-dandy lists of “surefire” tips for how to take care of that [fill in the blank] problem without needing to pay a professional to do it.

With some jobs, a bit of knowledge and some hard work is all it takes to be able to “do it yourself.” But DIY culture unfortunately often leads people astray so they attempt to handle tasks that only professionals can do properly. One of these tasks is air conditioning system repair.

Air conditioners are a part of everyday life during summers, so it’s only natural people would want to attempt to fix faulty ones on their own. It seems like it would save money and time. But it won’t: it will likely waste both and have even larger consequences. No matter what type of air conditioning system your home relies on, only trained and licensed professionals like ours should tackle repairs, regardless of how “minor” they may seem.

Why HVAC Professionals Are Essential for AC Repairs

  • Proper diagnosis: Unless you have professional training with air conditioners, it’s difficult to know exactly what is causing a particular malfunction. For example, when an air conditioner begins to short-cycle (turn on and off rapidly over a short period of time) it could be the fault a refrigerant leak, strain on a motor, failing capacitors, a clogged air filter, a miscalibrated thermostat, or an incorrectly installed system. You can’t make this diagnosis and fix the actual problem unless you’re trained.
  • Proper equipment: To make most repairs to a broken air conditioner requires using tools only professionals have access to and know how to use.
  • Handling refrigerant: Refrigerant is an essential part of an air conditioner’s operation, since it’s what allows the system to move heat from one place to another. Refrigerant is potentially harmful if it’s not handled correctly and disposed of in approved ways. Only licensed HVAC technicians are authorized to handle refrigerant.
  • Warranty protection: You don’t want to invalidate the warranty on your air conditioner, since it’s what protects you from an early breakdown and a costly replacement. Amateur work on an air conditioner will usually void the warranty—and that’s not something you want to risk.
  • Speed: You don’t want to spend hours trying to fix a busted air conditioner on a hot day, do you? Especially since you probably won’t be able to actually fix it. Professionals know how to get the work done fast without sacrificing quality. You’ll be back to enjoying summer comfort in no time.

To schedule excellent air conditioning repair in Eugene, OR or elsewhere in the state, our technicians are the people to call. We offer 24-hour emergency service to see that your air conditioner gets back to work at cooling your family.

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