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Where Ductless Mini Splits Can Make a Big Difference

ductless-air-handlerOne of the services we offer to homes and businesses in Oregon is the installation of Mitsubishi ductless mini split heat pumps. Mitsubishi is a top manufacturer of mini splits heat pumps and other heating and cooling systems, and we’re proud to carry their products.

However, you might wonder if having ductless mini splits installed in Eugene, OR is the right choice for your home. Ductless systems offer numerous advantages, but they aren’t the ideal heating and cooling choice for all buildings or all situations. We’re going to take a look at times when putting in a ductless mini split can make a big difference. If you want to know more details or you wish schedule an appointment to find out if going ductless for your heating and cooling needs is your best option, please contact us.

Older, Historic Homes

Central air conditioning didn’t start to become common in homes until the 1960s. Older homes simply don’t have the ductwork for central heating and cooling, and the work involved in putting in ducts is destructive and expensive. A ductless system is an easy way to provide comfort for one of these houses without having to resort to inefficient, ugly window units.

The air handlers of a ductless system mount on the walls over windows or exterior doors, and the only construction necessary is drilling a 3” hole behind each of the units to allow the refrigerant, power, and condensate lines to exit and connect to the outdoor unit.

Room Additions

Here’s something to keep in mind about ductless systems: they don’t have to fully replace a current ducted system, but instead be used as an addition. Add-on rooms are a good example of the benefits of this. If you’re adding on a new room to your house, connecting the room to the existing ductwork is a difficult job. It might even require putting in a new AC or heat pump to accommodate the extended space.

To avoid these extra costs, you can have a ductless mini split installed to handle comfort for the new space. The air handler in the room can be operated directly with a remote control, making this a convenient option as well.


If you’re doing remodeling for part of the house, and it would cost too much to put in new ductwork, you can instead have a ductless mini split take care of the space.

Areas Where Ducts Are Exposed to Extreme Temperatures

Have you considered turning part of your garage into a workspace? Are you interested in temperature controls in the attic? Are there rooms that are often much hotter or cooler than others, like a sunroom? Using a ducted heat pump to send comfort to these areas is tough because of the temperature extremes affects the ductwork. A ductless mini split system is the best solution.

Rooms That Receive Little Use

If there are rooms in your house that aren’t used often, such as a guestroom, it’s a waste of energy to have conditioned air sent to them. You can have zone controls installed as part of a new HVAC installation, but having a ductless system installed for these rooms is also an option, sometimes the less expensive one. The ductless mini split only needs to run when the room is occupied, helping to save energy.

To learn more about residential air conditioning options (as well as commercial ones), get in touch with us.

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