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Common Electrical Problems with Your Air Conditioning System

Your AC is a complex electro-mechanical system. In order to work, it needs a good amount of electricity, and this electricity has to travel from your home’s electrical panel to every component in your system that needs power. As you can imagine, there are quite a number of wires, connections, and switches that deliver the electricity to where it needs to go. With this many small components and wires, it’s not uncommon for your air conditioning system to develop issues that are specific to its electrical system. However, it is very important for your safety that you allow only trained experts to work on your AC, like the pros at Comfort Flow Heating. If you are experiencing an electrical issue with your air conditioning in Eugene, OR, or any other kind of issue, call us for help.

Types of Electrical Issues

Here are some of the common electrical issues our technicians see during AC repair appointments:

  • Problems with an overloading circuit breaker – your air conditioner draws enough power to need its own circuit breaker. If you have an AC circuit breaker that keeps tripping, there’s usually two reasons for this: the first is that the breaker itself may be faulty somehow and needs to be replaced; the second reason is that there’s a malfunction in your AC that is causing the system to draw more power than it should, so the breaker is turning off as a safety precaution.
  • Frayed, loose or corroded wiring and/or connections – there are multiple wires and electrical connections throughout your AC system, and over time the protective casings can wear down and corrosion can develop. Wires or connections that have been compromised in this way won’t deliver electricity as needed.
  • Issues with the capacitors – capacitors are used to help start a small motor as well as keep electricity flowing evenly to a motor. You have three different motors in your AC system: two fan motors and the compressor motor. Each has two capacitors: a start capacitor and a run capacitor. Should either capacitor become faulty or malfunction, there will be problems with your system.

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