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Is Installing an Attic Fan Worth It?

top-view-of-a-spinning-fanWhen summer hits, you want to keep your home as cool as possible, right? Sure, we don’t have the sweltering hot temperatures that they get in other parts of the country here in the Pacific Northwest, but given the contrast in our weather from season to season, summertime can be unbearable without the right home comfort systems in place, and an attic fan is a great home comfort system to consider!

The heat of the summer sun beats down on your roof for hours this time of the year, and your air conditioner has to run longer and longer the hotter it gets in order to meet your desired temperature setting on your thermostat. This essentially means that your AC is working harder than it should have to, and inefficiently so. This will soon reflect in higher energy costs and possibly even premature AC repair needs. But does an attic fan solve this problem?

Yes! Read on to learn how.

First, What Is an Attic Fan?

Also known as attic ventilators, attic fans serve as energy-efficiency solutions to regulating the heat inside your home’s attic, by exhausting and dispersing hot air. An attic fan can be mounted directly on your roof, or mounted to a gable on your roof. The attic fan is controlled by its own thermostat that automatically turns it on and off when needed.

An attic fan will perform best when the property is sealed and insulated to prevent energy loss and the entry of heated and moist air. This enables the device to improve your overall air conditioning efficiency and protect the material of your roof and integrity of your attic space.

Better Ventilation and More

Even the mildest of summer days can increase the temperature of your attic exponentially. An 85° day outside can mean a 100°+ attic. Without a properly installed and operational attic fan, this heat can impact the rest of your home and your AC’s effectiveness.

Static vents do provide some passive cooling, but not enough to truly reduce indoor temperatures or disperse the hot air collecting in your attic. But with a professionally installed attic fan, the temperature in your attic can drop dramatically, making your whole home cooler. This means you can turn up your air conditioner’s thermostat so it doesn’t have to run as long, while still maintaining optimal comfort in your home.

Protect Your Roof

In our corner of the world, heat comes with moisture. If that moist air is allowed to sit inside your attic for an extended amount of time, it creates mold in the insulation and wood beams. An attic fan helps evaporate this moisture so you have less to worry about.

Keep in mind that this will benefit you in the winter, as well. Excessive moisture will turn into ice or frost when temperatures dip too low, and with the freezing and thawing process, damage can occur to the construction materials and to your roof. Fortunately, attic fans are designed to attack this problem.

When you’re looking to hire a reliable HVAC contractor in Junction City, OR, simply reach out to the staff at Comfort Flow Heating. Contact us today!

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