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How Do Thermostats Impact HVAC Performance?

smart-thermostat-installed-in-homeWith how much we use our heating systems going into this colder season—and really, year-round—it makes perfect sense that you’d like to do everything you can to save energy and subsequently save money.

Well, what if we told you that your thermostat and how you use that thermostat plays a hefty role in this? This is true not only in the fall and winter months but also in the summer when you switch over to using your air conditioner.

Reach on to learn more about the relationship between your thermostat and your HVAC systems, and to learn what your thermostat options are, from standard digital models to smart thermostats that give you precise control over your heating and cooling.

Thermostat Problems and Your HVAC Systems

The thermostat that connects to your HVAC systems is basically the brain of your heater and air conditioner. It enables you to choose when these systems turn on, and the exact temperature of your home at various parts of the day. Many homeowners have called on our pros for HVAC repairs when the actual situation isn’t the HVAC system but rather that the HVAC system isn’t being properly controlled by a malfunctioning thermostat.

Thermostat problems impact your ability to control your HVAC system and remain comfortable in your home. The end result of a thermostat issue can be just as bad as having a problem with the HVAC system itself since it might render the system useless, or at least inefficient. We want to help you save money and hassle, so if you suspect you have a thermostat issue, or if you want to look into how a thermostat upgrade will benefit you, be sure to contact our pros right away.

The Problem with a Malfunctioning Thermostat

There are a variety of things that can go wrong when a thermostat starts to fail. For example, if you cannot raise the temperature of your furnace in the idle of a cold day, it will likely never cycle on as you need it to.

Another very serious problem a malfunctioning thermostat can cause is a process called short-cycling, where your HVAC system shuts off and turns back on in rapid succession—usually only running for minutes at a time. The problem with this is that it causes your HVAC unit to work to harder to heat (or cool) your home, leading to premature repair needs and possibly premature replacement.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

In some cases, your thermostat might have been miscalibrated, in which case a quick repair from a professional HVAC technician can get it back on track. In other cases, though, you might need to replace your thermostat altogether. When you think about it, a thermostat replacement is likely the most affordable thing you can invest in when it comes to HVAC repairs.

The best thing about replacing—or rather, upgrading—your thermostat is that you’ll ultimately save money, particularly if you purchase a smart thermostat, which “learns” your heating and cooling preferences and automatically adjusts accordingly. Comfort and savings, just from one small upgrade!

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