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Springfield Heating FAQ: Heating Options in Springfield

When you live in Springfield, OR, a good heating system is absolutely necessary to make sure that you stay comfortable during the winter. But which system is best for your home and for your personal preference. At Comfort Flow, we wanted to help out our local customers by putting together a quick guide about some of the more popular heating systems in Springfield, OR. If you have any questions about heating systems and which one is best for your home, just call your local Springfield heating contractor.

Traditional Furnaces and Boilers

The furnace and the boiler are two of the most popular heating system in the United States. They provide comfortable heat and are relatively efficient systems – especially if you bought yours less than 5 years ago. Furnaces are generally less expensive up front but can sometimes cause indoor air quality issues because they blow air around your home. Boilers are usually more expensive to install but offer comfortable radiant heat.

Heat Pumps in Springfield, OR

Heat pumps are a tremendously efficient way to heat your home. As a bonus, they also offer cooling for your home during the summer. Heat pumps are very efficient heating systems because they don’t actually consume any fuel to heat your home: they just move heat around. In heating mode, they collect heat from the outside air and move it into your home. However, during very cold winters, this can potentially be a problem when there is very little heat in the air. During those times, a back-up heating system is usually required.

Geothermal Heating and Air Conditioning Systems in Springfield, OR

Geothermal heating and AC systems are basically a heat pump. But unlike an air-source heat pump, geothermal systems use the energy stored in the ground to heat and cool your home. Geothermal systems required a large series of pipes to be buried in the ground and filled with refrigerant. In heating mode, the pipes gather heat stored in the earth and use it to heat your home. In cooling mode they do just the opposite: heat is removed from your home and deposited into the ground. These are very efficient systems that are able to take advantage of renewable energy in the earth.

When you need any kind of heating services, from heating installation to heating repairs, call Comfort Flow. We have experience working with all types and brands of heating systems in Springfield, OR.

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