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Loud and Strange: A Brief Guide to Heating Sounds

In wet weather towns like Springfield, OR, heating repair services must contend with all sorts of problems. We need reliable furnaces to keep our homes warm when the rains start falling, and if trouble arises, it needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. Canny homeowners learn to look for warning signs that their heater isn’t functioning as effectively as it could, notably by listening for loud and strange noises coming from their heaters. Many heaters make sounds, but sounds that don’t belong there often suggest a problem of one kind or another. Here’s a brief guide to heating sounds, to help pinpoint what those noises mean.

In some cases, the noise from your heating system is nothing to worry about. The metal in your ducts may groan and stretch as hot air moves through them, especially if you haven’t run your furnace for a while. More substantive sounds, however, likely indicate a problem. For instance a banging or clanging sound might mean a clog in your heating pipes, which the pressure has burst through. You’ll need to contact a professional to clear out the rest of the clog before it happens again.

Specific noise likely mean specific problems, and the tenor of the noise can give you some clue as to the nature of the problem. A loud buzzing sound could indicate an electrical problem or perhaps an issue with the furnace’s motor. A rattling noise suggests a component loose in its housings or a loose component such as a screw inside the system. A grinding noise may be a misaligned fan rubbing up against another components. And if there’s a leak in the system somewhere, you might hear a hissing or a rattling noise as the air escapes through the fissure.

A brief guide to heating sounds is useful, but it’s still only what it claims to be: a brief guide to help narrow down the possible causes. For a more thorough examination, call upon Comfort Flow Heating to help. We cover homes throughout Springfield, heating repair services are a specialty, and our experts can get to the bottom of any loud and strange noises your system may produce. Pick up the phone and call the Springfield, OR heating repair service technicians at Comfort Flow Heating today!

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