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What’s the Difference Between Forced-Air Heat and Radiant Heat?

In Springfield, OR, heating services need to address a number of different types of heater. Our winters are cold, but we also embrace innovation, and while plenty of homes use traditional forced-air burners, many other use newer forms of heating such as geothermal and radiant heating systems. If you’re going to add a new heater, you need to understand how each one is distinguished from the others. For example, what’s the difference between forced-air heat and radiant heat?

Forced-air heat comes from a gas furnace, which heats the air before blowing it into a system of ducts to be distributed throughout your home. Radiant heat, on the other hand, relies upon a system of tubes or coils placed directly beneath your flooring. It sends warmth up through the floor, the furniture and even the people in the room.

The differences between the two are very clear. Forced-air systems rely upon reliable air flow and are subject to the vagaries of your home’s layout. It can result in drafty areas, cold spots and the general unpredictability of air movement. Radiant heating systems, on the other hand, heat the space much more evenly because they do so through the floor. They avoid the unpredictability of forced-air systems, and because they are much more efficient, they can save you a huge amount on your monthly heating bills in the process.

However, the initial installation of a radiant heating system can cost quite a bit more than a gas furnace. It can also involve a lot more fuss and bother, since the floors of your home need to be torn up in order to install it. It becomes a question of short-term investment vs. long-term gain, and it’s up to the individual homeowner to decide which path to take.

For more information on the difference between forced-air heat and radiant heat, contact Comfort Flow Heating. We operate out of Springfield, OR, heating services are our specialty, and we can explain all of your options to you before you decide on a course of action. Pick up the phone and call our Springfield, OR heating service technicians today!

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