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Common Heating Problems in Springfield

Winters in the Southern Willamette Valley are lovely, and thankfully they don’t usually get too harsh for residents to enjoy them. But a large part of keeping our winters pleasant is the heaters that supply our homes with warmth until spring. If you experience problems heating your house, you may need to contact experts in HVAC repair and installation to check it out and find a solution.

Here are a few of the frequent problems our customers have with winter heating. The Springfield, OR heating repair technicians at Comfort Flow Heating have handled these issues and many more during the half-century we’ve served the Southern Willamette Valley, so trust in our work when you need your heater operating properly again.

Pilot light trouble: The pilot light is responsible for getting a gas-powered boiler or furnace to run. Sometimes it will go out for simple reasons, like a sudden blast of air, and you can relight it. But if it consistently goes out or stays out, then you may have a problem with air flow, a dirty gas control area, or the gas supply line. This is not something to try to remedy on your own because of the toxic and flammable gas involved; get experts on the problem.

Faulty thermostat: Although a small device, the thermostat is the gateway to controlling your heater. If it fails, you won’t be able to turn the heater on or off. A thermostat that isn’t functioning correctly will also cause serious trouble: if it misreads your home’s temperature, it will  provide incorrect heat levels and switch on and off at the wrong times. A thermostat in the wrong location, exposed to drafts or direct sunlight, can also lead to poor indoor heating.

Inferior insulation: This isn’t a problem with your heater—but it will become a problem for your heater. A house with inefficient insulation and leaks around the doors and windows will rapidly lose indoor heat. To compensate for this, the heater will work harder to reach the temperature you want, and this will lead to higher gas bills and earlier repairs. Take steps to properly winterize your home before the cold gets too strong and your heater becomes overworked.

Although some heating issues require only simple fixes—adjusting the thermostat, hooking the system back up to its power supply—most will need a Springfield heating repair technician with training to perform repairs properly and safely. Contact Comfort Flow Heating for any problems with your heater that require heating repair service in Springfield, OR.

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