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3 Noises a Boiler Should Never Make

If you have a boiler, you probably know that it is a fairly low-maintenance appliance to have in your home. But that doesn’t mean problems don’t pop up from time to time. Most of the time, boiler problems are easy to identify because they produce unusual noises.

We are highlighting three unusual boiler noises that you should never hear and the cause of each one. You can keep reading to learn more about why strange boiler noises are dangerous so you know when to call for radiant heat service.

Banging Sounds

If you hear a loud banging sound come from your boiler, it could be a sign of water hammer. Water hammer is a phenomenon that happens when the water in pipes suddenly begins to move in the opposite direction. 

The change in water flow can add a lot of pressure inside of the lines and result in a banging sound. This is definitely a concern you want to get checked out if you think water hammer is happening inside of your boiler. The lines need to be drained, and then the water source reconnected to correct a water hammer problem.


If you hear a deep rumbling sound come from your boiler, it could be from a couple of different causes. It’s common for a rumbling sound to occur if there’s an issue with the hot and cold water mixing at the top of your boiler.

It’s also common for limescale buildup to lead to a rumbling sound. Limescale comes from the minerals found in hard water. When it comes to your boiler, lime scale can create a thick layer that blocks water flow and results in a rumbling sound as water tries to move through the various connections.


If you hear a loud boom that sounds like an explosion, it probably is an explosion. This is a problem that is common in gas boilers and is caused by incorrect ignition. If ignition is delayed, too much gas can build up in the chamber, and when ignition finally does happen it causes a small explosion. 

If you think this is happening to your boiler, you need to call for service right away. If the explosions continue, they could damage your entire boiler and require that it be replaced. A lot of pressure comes along with these explosions, and the damage is usually not reversible if it goes on too long.

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