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Sounds that Can Indicate Air Conditioning Repair Needs

You turn on your air conditioner and, after hearing the normal tick and whirr of the start-up, you hear something not so normal: a banging, a screech or a rattle. You turn the system off, leave it for a bit, and then start it again. And once again, you hear something that just doesn’t sound right. While your air conditioner may be working, that noise can be indicative of a problem with your system. How can you know? Below are some familiar noises our experts at Comfort Flow Heating have all heard prior to completing an air conditioning repair in Salem.

The Usual Noises

As the homeowner, you know what constitutes the normal sounds your AC makes when operating. Typical noises would include things like:

  • A click when the system starts
  • Hum or whirr when the motors and fans begin to run
  • A “whoosh” sound when air begins to flow through the ducts
  • Click when the system shuts down

The Unusual Noises

Here are some unusual noises that can indicate the need for a Comfort Flow Heating specialist to inspect your system:

  • Rattling – a rattling sound can indicate several potential issues. Common ones are loose pieces of hardware from fans and other components, loose ductwork and loose equipment covers.
  • Squeaking – squeaking can indicate a few things, some bigger than others. On the smaller end of the scale, squeaking can mean poor lubrication on ball bearings or other components; it can also mean a belt in the system is wearing down and may need replacement.
  • Loud Buzzing – loud buzzing can mean there is a potential electrical issue somewhere in your air conditioning system, such a faulty connection or an issue with the circuit breaker.
  • Screeching – a loud screeching noise may indicate that the pressure in your system’s compressor is too high, which can be a potentially dangerous situation. If you hear a loud screeching, turn off your system immediately and call a Comfort Flow Heating specialist right away.
  • Hissing – a hissing sound emanating from your outdoor unit typically means there is a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. Refrigerant is the chemical that runs through your air conditioner, removing the heat and cooling the air that gets blown back inside. As such, if you have a leak, it should be repaired right away by a trained specialist so as not to potentially stress your system.

Don’t Ignore the Noise

It can be easy to ignore a noise that may seem minimal, especially if your air conditioner appears to be working as expected. But, an unusual noise in your air conditioner is not something you want to take lightly. Hearing something unusual? Call Comfort Flow Heating today and schedule an appointment for one of our experts check out that noise. You may require professional air conditioning repair in Salem.

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