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What Radiant Heating Is and How It Can Benefit Your Home

radiant-heating-coilsFinding the right way to heat a home isn’t always as simple as it sounds. While traditional methods may be the good old reliable option, other options, like radiant heating, are important not to ignore. In an area like Oregon, where temperatures can dip pretty low, it helps to know what your options are. 

What Is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating applies heat directly to the surfaces in the home. That’s much unlike traditional forced-air heating systems, which heat air and then move that air throughout the home. In radiant heat, the heat transfers through surfaces and radiates out into the various spaces in the home. There are various ways to get radiant heating like this. 

In some cases, electric radiant coils are placed under the flooring, allowing for the floor to heat up and moving that heat into the room itself. Others use electric panels in the walls to do the same. 

Why Is Radiant Heating Good for a Home?

There are a few reasons why radiant heating may be the ideal choice for a home. The first is improved efficiency. These systems tend to require less overall energy to function because it does not have to heat air and then circulate that air through the home. It also is more efficient because it does not rely on ductwork, which can sometimes have leaks in it, to move the heat from place to place, a process in itself that reduces the warmth of the air. 

In addition to this, radiant heating is also typically more comfortable than other forms of heating because the heated surfaces tend to be closer to the ground. For example, in a forced-air system where the air is coming in from the ceiling or floor vents, the hot air rises and remains there, often making lower areas of the home much cooler.

Also, consider the longevity and overall maintenance. In both cases, there’s little to worry about with radiant systems. They tend to have fewer moving parts than a typical furnace which means they last longer and don’t require much maintenance and upkeep. 

Can You Install Radiant Heating in a Home That’s Already Built?

It can be alluring to consider the benefits of radiant heating, but you may be unsure you can install it in your home. It’s true that installing it in your home during the construction phase is the best time to do so. It allows for you to have it placed before the floors and walls go up. However, it is possible to retrofit it into your home as well. It may cost a bit more like this because you’ll have to do some home improvement as a component of the process, but it is still likely to pay off in overall comfort and durability. It could even save you money in the long term.

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