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Having Trouble Heating Your Home this Winter? Here’s What To Do

Relaxing on cold winter's nightIt’s winter here in Eugene! That means cozy winter nights curled up indoors, hot cocoa, and holidays. We hope that you’re not having any problems with your heating system, but if you are, then we have service professionals ready to fix any heating problem that you might have. When you’re having trouble with your heating system, you need a professional. No video you watch on YouTube or article you read on WikiHow is ever going to be enough to substitute the expertise of a trained professional. If you need heating repair in Eugene, OR, contact our team today. If you want to know why your heater is acting up and what to do about it, keep reading below.

Short Cycling

“Short cycling” is an industry term used to describe the cyclical process of your heater starting and stopping. If your heater constantly turns on, heats for a very short amount of time, shuts off, and then starts again, then you’re battling against short cycling. Lots of homeowners just ignore this occurrence and write it off as a workable annoyance—don’t do this! Short cycling is terrible for your system because it overworks your unit and it will make your bills skyrocket due to unnecessary run times.

Strange Noises

When you turn on your heating system there should be no discernable noises other than the clicking sound of your thermostat activating and the soft rushing sound of air moving through your vents. Any other sounds are a sign of heating problems. Common odd heating sounds include:

  • Banging and clanking
  • Incessant clicking
  • Rattling
  • Screeching or squealing

You need a professional to determine what the source of the problem is. Depending on the noise, the problem could either be any from a faulty part to a bad heat exchanger.

Inaccurate Thermostat Readings

Do you come home from a cold day, turn your thermostat to a mild temperature like 72° but notice that your home never seems to reach this temperature? If your thermostat is set to your desired temperature but you know your heater isn’t living up to this temperature, your thermostat is likely faltering.

You can think of your thermostat as the brain of your heating system. It’s the part of your system that triggers the rest of your heating system to start. If your thermostat is incorrect, it will throw the rest of your heating system off. If you want an energy efficient system, upgrade your thermostat system.

Low Airflow

Lots of people might not notice low airflow in their home because it’s typically a gradual decrease but take notice of the integrity in your home. Feel the strength of the air coming from the vents in your home. If the airflow is weak, it’s likely because of inefficiency somewhere within your system whether that’s from your actual heating unit or throughout your airduct system.

Why Choose Our Team?

When you choose our team at Comfort Flow Heating then you’ll be assured that you’re getting quality service from a professional team. You don’t have to power through heating system troubles this winter, our team is fast, reliable, and we provide our services at the best prices possible.

If you need repair services for your heating system, contact Comfort Flow Heating to schedule an appointment.

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