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Can a Damaged Heater Still Work?

Like cars and computers, a damaged heating system can sometimes still soldier on while performing its basic function. And, like cars and computers, you don’t want your heater to keep operating if it’s damaged, even if it can. For many reasons, you need to have repair work done right away before you continue using your heater.

If you contact an HVAC repair specialist, such as Comfort Flow Heating, you can have the damages to your heater fixed and the system working optimally once more in only a short time. The expense for having repairs done is minimal compared to what can go wrong if your heater keeps running when it’s impaired. Call for heating repair service in Springfield, OR as soon as the need appears.

But what’s wrong with still running the heater?

Many things. Let’s run down the major ones:

  • A damaged heater presents a safety hazard. This is particularly important for a gas-powered furnace, where damages like a cracked heat exchanger can lead to the release of carbon monoxide exhaust into your home, which is both toxic and combustible. Malfunctioning electrical heaters can also trigger fires due to wiring problems.
  • A damaged heater wastes energy. The heating system must do more work to reach the level of heating it is supposed to, and this will cause your energy bills to rise.
  • A damaged heater is more likely to break down. A single repair need on a heater that’s left without attention will start to cause other problems, and eventually your heater will not run at all.
  • A damaged heater won’t keep you comfortable. Your comfort will suffer if your heater has to struggle with damage. You can expect to find cold rooms in your home when the heating system malfunctions.
  • A damaged heater will have a shorter lifespan. Just as the heater risks breaking down because of damages left unattended, it also risks failing permanently. You want your heater to last as long as possible, maybe even exceed its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan… and that won’t happen if it operates while damaged.

Prompt repairs are the answer

Whatever damage your heater has sustained—whether breaks in the ducts, broken fan belts, damaged geothermal coils—you need it taken care of as soon as possible. Look to a company with 24-hour emergency service and years of experience to get your system back to prime working condition.

Comfort Flow Heating can fill your needs for heating repair service in Springfield, OR. We’ve been in business for over 50 years, and we will answer your calls around the clock. Don’t “drive” a damaged heater: call Comfort Flow Heating today!

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