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3 Things That Happen During Furnace Installation

The time has finally arrived when you must move out your ol’ faithful furnace and replace it with a new, more efficient model. Furnace installation is a major undertaking, one that requires expert installers to handle. You’ll need the installers on the job earlier than you probably think, since they can assist with the important steps of selecting a new unit and finding the right size to provide your home with energy-saving warmth.

We’ll give you a sense of what kind of work goes into furnace installation. At Comfort Flow Heating, we have many years performing heating installations in Salem, OR, and we can offer you the same quality service we’ve delivered to thousands of customers over the decades.

3 Things to Expect During Your Furnace Installation:

  1. Removing the former heater: The most arduous and lengthy part of the installation process usually doesn’t involve the new furnace at all. The installers must first remove your former heating system—probably a furnace—and dispose of it properly. They then must prepare the space left for the placement of the new system.
  2. Making the connections—plenty of them: Once your new furnace has been placed (and usually bolted to the floor), the technicians will connect it to the important parts of your home for it to function. Chief among these is your ventilation system, which will require hooking the furnace to the flanges on the ductwork. Sometimes the ductwork must be shifted around to make the connections. The installers will then connect the furnace to the power source. Making the link to the gas line is a job they will perform carefully. Wires from the furnace will hook up to your electrical power source (even gas heaters have electrical components).
  3. System testing: This is the final step of installation, but it is perhaps the most important; if the installers left your house after making the last connection, you would have no idea if your furnace was working properly or safely. The installers will turn on the furnace and measure the intake and airflow to see that operation is efficient. They will make sure there are no safety hazards. The installers won’t leave you with your furnace until they are certain it’s doing the job it’s supposed to.

These are only three very broad steps for the installation process. Installation starts many days before, with selecting and sizing the furnace, and there are many smaller steps necessary during installation, such as connecting the new air handler to the furnace. This work requires trained professionals; do not allow amateurs to take on this job, since it will lead to an improperly working furnace that might even be unsafe.

For professional heating installation service in Salem, OR, make your first call to Comfort Flow Heating. We’ve offered excellent service for furnaces since 1961.


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