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Springfield OR Air Conditioning: Are You Ready for Geothermal?

Spring is a great time to take stock of your current air conditioning system. Whether your AC is old, requires frequent repairs, or simply does not perform as well as you think it should, then you may be looking into other options. Depending the location and layout of your home, you might like to consider a geothermal system, particularly if you need an eco-friendly and highly energy efficient alternative. Geothermal systems use the moderate temperature of the ground beneath your feet to provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. For superior Springfield OR air conditioning, including geothermal installation, call the experts at Comfort Flow Heating today!

While you may heard the term, you still may be wondering how geothermal works. Basically, a geothermal uses a heat pump attached to a set of underground pipes that circulate water or a water-coolant mixture. While setups may vary from home to home, the basic parts are the same. The underground piping is typically made from a high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This “earth loop” is installed in a relatively shallow, horizontal bed of piping, or, alternatively, in a set of deep vertical wells, with piping at a depth of nearly 100 feet. The choice between these two depends on the soil density and composition of your ground, as well as the location of your home on the property.

The geothermal unit itself is not unlike a heat pump, which pressurizes and circulates the coolant through the loop underground. During the cooling season, the air extracted from the inside of your home is cooled by the moderate temperature of the earth-cooled water or water-coolant mixture. The cool air is then distributed throughout the ductwork. Like a heat pump, the energy efficiency of its operation is excellent; and, like a heat pump, it can reverse the cooling process by using the moderate temperature of the earth to heat your home during the cold months.

Are you ready for geothermal? Speak to a professional about whether your home and property would work well with a geothermal system. For more information about your Springfield, OR air conditioning options, call Comfort Flow Heating today!

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