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Springfield OR Air Conditioning Tip: Getting Your AC Ready For The Cooling Season

It’s not summer yet in Springfield, OR, although temperatures are starting to rise. Spring is a great time for cleaning up the house, and for clearing out the stale winter air that has built up inside your home. In addition to cleaning the garage, gardening, and organizing your pantry, go have a look at your AC, and fire it up. See how it looks and sounds. If you’ve already enrolled in a program of routine maintenance, then you’re probably not too concerned—after all, you pay someone to worry about your air conditioning for you. But if you haven’t signed up for such service, or want to wait until the summer hits, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you’re ready for the cooling season. For more information, call the Springfield OR air conditioning experts at Comfort Flow Heating today!

  • Clear debris. During the off-season, organic matter and other debris may have built up around your outdoor and indoor units. Check for leaves, twigs, branches, and any other curious items around your compressor/condenser. You’d be surprised what can get caked onto the exhaust fan. Keep the area clear around both units; proper airflow and circulation is essential. But make sure you disconnect the power supply before attempting any such cleaning.
  • Clean or replace your air filter. Check on your air filter and take not of its condition. If it is only slightly dirty, then it may take you through the first few weeks of the cooling season, although it’s probably best to start off with a new one. Remember, that during the cooling season, you should check and replace your air filter about once a month to ensure that your cooling system is energy efficient and operating correctly.
  • Check for anything unusual. When you test your AC, does it emit a strange sound? Are there any leaks around the air handler? Does it seem to work okay? If you have any doubts, spring is a great time to ensure that you pre-emptively repair any problems.

For more information about Springfield, OH air conditioning, contact Comfort Flow Heating today!

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