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Prep for Summer with These Home Efficiency Projects

transparent-home-with-green-grass-and-blue-sky-in-background-efficiency-conceptSummertime is right around the corner, and while it doesn’t get as boiling hot here as it does in other parts of the country, we certainly do get some good use out of our air conditioners. Therefore, don’t you want yours to work as efficiently as possible? Boosting and maintaining AC efficiency is the only way to make sure your energy bills don’t skyrocket this year.

Of course, our #1 efficiency tip for homeowners is always to make sure they’re keeping up on their professional maintenance appointments, otherwise known as tune-ups. During a tune-up, our technicians thoroughly clean your system inside and out, inspect it and check if anything needs adjustment, and look for areas that may need repairs so you can get that on your schedule right away. If you haven’t scheduled your annual AC maintenance session yet this year, it’s not too late! Give us a call today.

In the meantime, read on for some more great tips on boosting AC efficiency.

Ensure Good Thermostat Placement

Do you have a central air conditioner? Where is the thermostat located? We’re not talking about which room it’s in, but rather, where it is in relation to the hottest part of your home.

If it’s on a wall that gets hit by direct sunlight from a south-facing window at about 11 or 12 each day, then your air conditioner is going to cycle on a lot sooner than you actually need it. On the contrary, if it’s installed in a dark and cool area of your home, your system is not going to cycle on soon enough for you.

This means that your air conditioner is not going to be operating as efficiently as possible. The best place to put your thermostat is in a temperature neutral area. Of course, your thermostat likely has some wiring involved, unless it’s a WiFi thermostat. So this means that you should definitely call a pro for your thermostat replacement or installation.

Insulate Your Home

The thing about insulation is that many homeowners assume it’s only good for wintertime. It keeps the cool air out and the warm air from your furnace inside, right? Well, yes. But the reason insulation does this is that it’s blocking heat transfer. So whether it’s summer or winter, your insulation disallows heat from passing through.

This means that when temperatures are warmer outside, the warmth can’t get inside. Now is just as good of a time as fall or winter to have your insulation quality and insulation levels checked by a pro!

Apply Weatherstripping

One of the most common ways for conditioned air to escape is through old, drafty doors and windows. Fortunately, the solution for this is pretty simple. A basic application of weatherstripping caulking will help block this air transfer, keeping your conditioned air inside and helping your cooling system work more efficiently.

While we’re on the subject of your windows, another good addition to your home this summer to boost efficiency are blackout shades! They aren’t just used to keep light out, they’re great for keeping heat out too, particularly on south-facing windows.

These are just a few of our efficiency tips! Be sure to ask our pros about how else you can use your air conditioner more efficiently.

For quality service on your air conditioning in Eugene, OR, contact Comfort Flow Heating today!

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