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Benefits of a Ductless AC System

Ductless systems have gained in popularity in homes during the last 20 years, making the leap from businesses, where they were especially popular in restaurants. Ductless systems have a number of significant advantages that they offer to homes. If you are considering new AC installation, you should take some time to look into the possibility of going ductless this time… it just might be the perfect system for your household.

However, despite the advantages listed below, ductless mini split systems are not suitable for every household. They work best if you live either in an older home without pre-existing ducts or if you are planning new construction. It’s best if you contact ductless installation specialists when you are considering one of these systems for your new air conditioning in Salem, OR. Our staff at Comfort Flow Heating has extensive experience with all types of comfort systems, and they will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about ductless ACs.

The Ductless Advantages

  • Cooling and heating: The first important thing you need to know about ductless air conditioners is that they are properly called “ductless mini split heat pumps.” As heat pumps, they work as both air conditioners and heaters. Essentially, they operate as air conditioners that can switch the direction they move heat, so that instead of bringing heat out of your home, they can also bring it into your home. You get a “best of both worlds” scenario, and you won’t sacrifice on the quality of your air conditioning.
  • Improved indoor air quality: One of the drawbacks of an extensive ventilation system is that it eventually picks up dust, dirt, and other contamination that will lower the quality of your indoor air. Since ductless systems use a series of indoor blower units mounted on the walls to send air directly into rooms without the need for ducts, they do not blow around dust circulated through vents. Ductless systems are especially beneficial for homes where people with allergies or asthma live.
  • Zone control: Using separate blowers in different rooms brings with it a significant benefit: you can shut down cooling (and heating) to rooms that don’t need it. This is called “zone control” and will contribute to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. You can expect to save on your energy bills when you no longer need to cool down rooms that no one is using. People in your household can also adjust temperatures to fit their needs wherever they are in the house.

To find out if a ductless mini split heat pump is the top choice for your heating and air conditioning in Salem, OR, call up our experts at Comfort Flow Heating. We have more than 50 years of experience keeping families comfortable—no matter the weather.

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