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Winter Furnace Problems to Watch Out For

gas-furnace-flamesThe cold Oregon temperatures make you lean on your furnace heavily in winter. The frequent use of this system can make any problems that you currently have more apparent. There are also many problems that commonly arise in homes across the state during this time of year. Staying educated and knowing the signs can help you avoid a costly and inconvenient system breakdown. Here at Comfort Flow Heating, we’re here to help you avoid problems like this, so we’ve compiled a list of the biggest signs of furnace problems to watch out for. If you think that you need furnace repair services this winter in Springfield, OR then contact our team today.

Signs Your Furnace is On the Fritz

High Heating Bills: Notice that your heating bills are a little high this winter? Of course, your heating bill will rise a little during the season when you’re using the system the most, but your heating bill should never skyrocket unreasonably. Compare some current heating bills from this season to heating bills from around this time last year. If you notice a significant increase in the prices, then you’re likely suffering from system inefficiency. When your heating system becomes inefficient, it has to work much harder to provide the heating levels that you’re used to. This might not be something that you notice on a physical level, but it will be one you notice when your bills come in. Make sure you have your heating system serviced regularly by a professional to avoid these problems.

Hot and Cold Spots: Notice that there are certain parts of your home that never seem to heat up even when your heater is running? Are there others that always seem hot and stuffy no matter what the temperature of your home is? Hot and cold spots are typically a sign that your furnace is suffering from problems at its source or throughout the ductwork. These problems can easily advance into ones that dilapidate your system so make sure you address them quickly.

Excessive Dust: Lots of dust in your home is actually a sign of trouble in your heating system. This is a sign of heating efficiency that many homeowners overlook because it’s such a minor problem in the grand scheme of a home and it doesn’t necessarily seem related. Just because the shelves and tabletops in your home seem to accumulate dust a little faster doesn’t mean that your furnace is in trouble, right? Wrong. Excessive dust shows problems with your ductwork or blower. Have a professional diagnose this problem for a definitive answer.

Noisy Operation: Notice that your furnace seems a little louder than usual? Your furnace shouldn’t make any sounds. If you do notice any noise then it should only be the soft, unassuming whooshing sound of air rushing through the vents. Common noises that indicate furnace trouble are:

  • Rattling
  • Banging
  • Grating
  • Squealing/ Whining/ Squeaking
  • Rumbling
  • Humming

Different sounds in your furnace system indicate different things. A professional can help you determine the source of a sound, perform repairs, and report a breakdown.

If you need furnace repair this winter make sure that you contact Comfort Flow Heating to schedule an appointment.

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