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Why Consider Ductless Heating?

Ductless heating may be considered an odd choice by some when it comes to heating a large space like a house. After all, ductless heating is limited to one room per unit. Why prefer such limited scope over the broad coverage that a central air system offers? Well, it turns out that ductless heating can actually provide a number of benefits common to central systems, while avoiding some of their biggest disadvantages. Let’s examine why you should consider ductless heating for your home.


It is estimated that forced air systems lose approximately 20-30% of their heat to leaks in the ductwork. Air is already not that great of a thermal conductor, and ducts are especially prone to developing small holes and tears over time. That translates to a lot of extra cost on your heating bills for absolutely no benefit.

Ductless systems, as suggested by their name, eschew duct work entirely, favoring a direct circulation of air between the heating unit and the room it is heating. By doing this, a ductless system completely avoids that 20-30% loss in heating efficiency. This results in noticeable savings on your heating bill.


Because you need a ductless unit for each room that you plan on heating, it is easy to assume that ductless systems cost more than purchasing just one central heating unit. However, this line of reasoning disregards the fact that ductless systems provide the freedom to only heat one or two rooms at a time. A central system is forced to either heat the entire house or none of it, barring special modifications like zoning. This means the majority of that system’s energy could be spent on heating rooms that are not even occupied.

Ductless systems allow you to dictate precisely which rooms will be heated, and even set different temperatures for each. This means that each occupant of the house will get to choose the temperature which is most comfortable for them, with no energy wasted on heating empty rooms.

If you think you may want to have a ductless heating system installed in your home, call Comfort Flow Heating. Our HVAC technicians cover the whole Eugene area.

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