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Springfield OR Home Energy Tip: Advantages of Energy Savings Agreement

Throughout the year you likely run your heating or air conditioning system almost every day. With all the use that it gets it will probably start to develop small issues or problems. Getting regular maintenance for your heating and AC system can have huge benefits for homeowners. At Comfort Flow, we provide comprehensive heating and air conditioning maintenance in Springfield, OR for all types and brands of equipment.

Springfield OR Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like your car needs regular oil changes and tune-ups, your heating and air conditioning system also need regular maintenance. Over time, your equipment will start to develop small problems and issues that will impact its ability to function properly. During regular maintenance visits, your technician will look for those problems and repair them.

Potentially Reduce Need for Heating and Air Conditioning Repair in Springfield OR

One of the main benefits of getting regular inspections for your HVAC equipment is that it might be able to reduce the need for costly repairs. Small problems are often the cause of larger, more expensive repairs. When you find those problems early you can potentially protect yourself from heating or AC failure and repair costs.

Increase Heating and Air Conditioning Efficiency

Another huge benefit of regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is that it might be able to increase the efficiency of your equipment. If your systems develop small problems they might cause your equipment to have to work harder to heat or cool you home which reduces its efficiency. When your technician repairs those issues it could be able to return some of that efficiency to your heating and air conditioning units.

The Comfort Flow Energy Savings Agreement

At Comfort Flow, we offer our customers 1, 2 or 3-year agreements which includes 2 visits per year—one for heating and one for cool. For heating systems only, our technicians will visit once a year. Each visit lasts between 1 and 2 hours during which time our technicians will thoroughly inspect, clean and repair every component of your heating or AC system. We also waive overtime fees for our Energy Savings Agreement members and you get a 15% discount from our flat rate services or duct cleaning.

Call Comfort Flow for air conditioning and heating repair and maintenance in Springfield, OR. We would love to talk with you about the benefits of setting up regular maintenance visits for your home.

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