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Radiant Heating Repair in Eugene

Radiant floor heating may seem like it’s a new invention, but using hydronic power to heat floorboards and floor stones has been popular in Europe for a number of years. In fact, circulating water beneath floors to condition a room has a history going back to Ancient Rome. If you’ve ever experienced the warmth from a radiant heating system, you’ll immediately understand their popularity: the even, toasty rise of heat is one of the most comfortable ways to receive warmth. And this is only the beginning of the benefits from installing radiant heat.

One of the advantages of radiant heating systems is that they require few repairs, much the same with boilers. Troubles can still occur, however, and when you need heating repair service in Eugene for a radiant heat system—or any other heating system—turn to the trusted name of Comfort Flow Heating.

What does radiant heating repair involve?

As with any system that uses the circulation of water, the principle trouble that can afflict a radiant heater is leaking. The durability and corrosion-resistance of the piping used in radiant heating makes leaking unlikely. However, leaks can occur at joints and from the pressure of shifting floor stones or other floor damage. If you notice warping floorboards or excess moisture on the ground, it may come from a leak in the heating pipes.

Repairs for this problem may sound burdensome, but for experts with the right tools they don’t require much time and are not terribly invasive. Once the repair technicians pinpoint the leak using sound-detection equipment, they only need to drill a small hole through the floor material to seal the pipe. Once the leak is fixed, the technicians will replace the flooring.

The other repairs for radiant heating are similar to repairs for a standard boiler: fixing leaks in the tank, repairing water valves, restoring gas lines, clearing exhaust flues. If you have regular maintenance for your unit, these repair needs should rarely occur, and your radiant heating system will last for many years.

Regular preventive maintenance

Speaking of which… make sure to sign up for a maintenance program that will provide you with an annual check-up on your radiant heating system. This is the best insurance you can have against emergency repairs, breakdowns, and a shortened system lifespan. You should also rely on a repair company with 24/7 service so you can have repairs done as soon as necessary; this will help you get the most life from your system.

When you need heating repair in Eugene, OR, and you need it now, call Comfort Flow Heating—any time of the day or night. We specialize in radiant heating installation, repair, and maintenance.

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