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Is It Time for Heater Replacement?

Our daytime temperatures are finally starting to climb, but our nights are still cool enough to warrant the continued use of our heating systems. Spring is a great time to assess your home’s needs, and if you found that you were struggling with your heating system this winter, it may be time to consider a replacement system. Most people think of replacement as something that occurs when your heater finally kicks the bucket, but it’s always a much better scenario to replace your system before you are completely without heat. Here are some ways to help tell if it’s time to replace your aging heater in Eugene, OR:

Constant Repairs

Did you heater need repairs one after the other this winter? Nursing a system along adds up quickly, and you may not be getting the return you need for the money being spent.

Costly Repairs

There are some key components on heating systems that can set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When you combine these kinds of costs with age, your money may be better spent on a new system.

Visible Corrosion

Your heating system should have the appearance of rust anywhere; if it does, this means there’s a moisture problem. Small spots of rust and corrosion may be repairable, but if the cabinet is significantly corroded, it’s time to consider a new system.

Poor Performance

Did you feel like you had to coax the heat from your heating system this winter? Were your energy bills higher than usual but your usage and the weather didn’t factor into this rise? As systems age, they become less efficient, and this inefficiency can cost you money.


Every heating system reaches its maturity date, and if yours has reached this time or surpassed it, you may be losing out on comfort, efficiency or both.

We carry a wide range of heating system types and can help you choose a replacement system that can meet the needs of your home for today. Call Comfort Flow Heating today and schedule an appointment!

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