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Springfield OR Geothermal FAQ: Which Geothermal System is Right for Me?

If you’ve heard about geothermal loop systems and are interested in having one installed at your home, then you’re likely at the point where you’re wondering which loop system is right for you. At Comfort Flow Heating, we provide complete geothermal installation in Springfield, OR. We wanted to help our customers who were interested in geothermal installation but weren’t sure about which loop system was right for them. Here is a short description that we hope will help you ask the right questions during your consultation with your Springfield, OR geothermal specialist.

Geothermal Loop Configurations

There are a few different ways that geothermal loops can be configured in Springfield, OR. Here are some of them.

Horizontal – This configuration involves digging trenches that are about 4 feet deep and laying down the geothermal coils horizontally. This kind of configuration is ideal for new constructions and also for homes that have enough space for the loops.

Vertical – This type of geothermal loop configuration is ideal for larger buildings in Springfield, OR like schools or office complexes that need a long geothermal loop but don’t have the space. With this configuration, 4-inch wide holes are dug at least 20 feet apart. The holes can be anywhere from 100 to 400 feet in depth. The loops are buried in the holes and connected with horizontal pieces that run between them.

Water – If you live near a large enough lake or pond, you may be able to use a water-source geothermal system. In this system, the loops are suspended in the water at least 8 feet below the surface to avoid freezing.

The Open Loop – If the conditions are right, you might be able to use an open loop geothermal system. In this configuration, water is drawn directly from a water source like a stream or a lake. The water is pumped directly into your heat pump and then deposited back into the water source, into a well or some other suitable place. Many local codes need to be met in order for this to be done.

If you have any questions about geothermal installation in Springfield, OR call the heating experts at Comfort Flow Heating. Contact Comfort Flow Heating today!

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