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3 Common Geothermal Repairs

One of the great benefits of a geothermal system is its longevity. However, this doesn’t mean that your geothermal system won’t ever need repair. Repairs for geothermal systems can incite a level of trepidation in homeowners because of the buried ground loop, but trained technicians know how to handle any repair issues that may develop with your geothermal system, including any that develop with the system’s loop. Here are three of the more common problems that can develop with a geothermal heating and cooling system:

Issues with the Heat Pump

All geothermal systems use heat pumps to cool or heat your home, and as with air-source heat pumps, certain kinds of problems can develop with your ground-source heat pump. Typical issues are problems with the fan (in a ducted system), the compressor, and anti-freeze leaks.

Scale Build-Up

Many geothermal systems use water to facilitate heat transfer. If the water in your geothermal system is hard, i.e, has high mineralization, you may see the build-up of scale in your heat pump or ground loop. Scale is a hard, white substance of calcified minerals, and it can cling to the insides of your ground loop and the components of your heat pump. A simple acid flush will remove all scale build-up in your system.

Ground Loop Leak

Ground loop leaks don’t have to scare you. In contrast to popular thought, a ground loop leak isn’t found by digging up your entire yard. To find a leak in your ground loop, your technician will inject environmentally-friendly dye into your system; as the leak makes its way to the topsoil, so does the dye. A few days after the injection, the technician will search for the spot where the dye is, dig down, repair your leak, and recover the ground loop with soil.

Geothermal systems can be great options for homeowners, so don’t let the potential of repairs scare you. Have questions about your geothermal system in Eugene, OR? Call the experts at Comfort Flow Heating today.

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