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Why Your Air Conditioning System Won’t Turn Off

If you’ve started to notice that your air conditioning system is constantly running it usually is a sign that you’re system is having problems. There are a couple different causes of this problem, so call our Springfield air conditioning repair technicians at Comfort Flow Heating is you’re having any problems with your air conditioning system. Here is a quick explanation of what might be causing your AC system to run all the time.

Springfield Air Conditioning Issues: AC Runs Constantly

Here are a few of the things that could be causing your AC to run constantly.

  • Air conditioner is too small – If your air conditioning system is too small for your home it may run constantly in order to cool your home. Because it is too small, it won’t be able to circulate enough air so it will run all the time.
  • Thermostat – Your thermostats are one of the most important and powerful components of your AC system. If they are faulty, they may not shut off your AC when your inside temperature has reached the appropriate level.
  • Dirty condenser coils – Another cause of this could be the condenser coils. These are located outside in the condensing unit and they are responsible for exhausting the heat from your home. If they get too dirty, it will restrict your AC’s ability to remove heat from your home. This will likely cause it to run constantly as it tries unsuccessfully to exhaust the heat.
  • Thermistor – The thermistor is what detects the indoor temperature of your home. If it is faulty, it may not tell your air conditioning system to turn off when it should.
  • Main control – Your air conditioning system has a control board in it that provides the power to the compressor and the fan motors. If your system is running all the time then the control board could be defective.

If your air conditioner isn’t turning off, call the Springfield air conditioning repair professionals at Comfort Flow Heating.

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