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Why Do I Need a Commercial Expert for My Commercial Air Conditioner?

It may seem surprising, but we get asked this question a lot. And we understand why: an air conditioning system is an air conditioning system, right? The basics of air conditioned cooling are the same for any system, but cooling a large commercial space that can be thousands of square feet in size is very different from cooling the average 1600 square-foot home. It is for this reason that it’s important to always use a commercial air conditioning expert, like the ones at Comfort Flow Heating, for installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of your commercial cooling system in Eugene, OR.

Using a Commercial HVAC Expert

The first reason it’s important to hire a commercial HVAC specialist to work on your commercial air conditioner is the size of the system. The average residential air conditioning system is about 3 tons; the average commercial cooling system is 12 tons, and the systems can be much larger than that. When you consider that a single issue can cause system-wide problems, you won’t want to leave your commercial AC in the hands of someone who doesn’t have the right level of expertise.

The second reason it’s important to hire trained commercial experts is the ductwork and control system that will be a part of your commercial cooling. The ventilation system for a commercial air conditioner can literally stretch for miles; additionally, most commercial AC controls are tied into other systems like security systems and fire protection systems. This makes working on a commercial HVAC even more complicated.

Lastly, you have to consider the number of people who will be affected by a poorly-working commercial AC. The larger your commercial space, the more people will be adversely affected by an AC system that isn’t working properly – do you really want to risk working with someone inexpert just to save a few dollars?

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