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Why a Heat Pump is a Good AC System Option

When you think about your cooling system options, a heat pump is likely not the first appliance to come to mind. However, if you are in the market for a new air conditioner before the warmer temperatures head our way, there are numerous benefits to utilizing a heat pump for your air conditioning system. This is especially true if you are looking for a system that can fulfill not only your cooling needs but also your heating needs next winter. So why is a heat pump such a good option?

All-In-One Unit

Year-round comfort is quite possibly the biggest reason that a heat pump should be your AC system choice. Instead of having two different units installed like you would with a central air conditioner, your heating and cooling needs are all met in one unit. Heat pumps are versatile and efficient, and in most cases even less noisy than a central air conditioner’s compressor.


Are you currently using electricity to heat and cool your home? If so, a heat pump can actually decrease the amount you are using by as much as 40%. High-efficiency heat pumps can also provide natural dehumidification more effectively than standard central AC units. This doesn’t take up as much energy, and provides you with more cooling comfort once the warmer temperatures hit.


If you lack ductwork in your home, then the ductless heat pump—also referred to as a ductless mini-split—is an excellent option for you. This type of HVAC system is extremely efficient, and allows you to cool and heat rooms individually rather than using a traditional air conditioner to condition unoccupied rooms.

Environmentally Friendly

Electric heat pumps do not pollute the environment with fossil fuels like a gas-powered HVAC unit would. Gas furnaces create significant pollution during combustion, but an electric heat pump releases no greenhouse gas emissions or potentially dangerous carbon monoxide.

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