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Water Leaking from Your AC? This Might Be Why…

Your air conditioning system doesn’t run using water. Nor is it part of the plumbing system. But you may at some point notice that water is dripping out of it. Why is that happening—and should you do something about it?

How Water Forms in an Air Conditioner

If you listen closely to your air conditioning system while it’s running, you’ll occasionally hear the sound of dripping water. This is the water that condenses along the evaporator coil as the AC cools down the air. As the cold refrigerant in the coil absorbs thermal energy, it also draws moisture from the air, much the same way that a dehumidifier does. This water then drips down from the coil into a condensate pan. A pump draws the water down a drain and away from the AC.

Why Leaking May Start

The main reason that this condensate from the AC may start to escape from it is because of damage to the pan or the drain. The pan can become cracked, or the drain break loose because of corrosion, and this will permit the water to drip right out of the system.

The condensate drain can also become clogged, just like any other drain, and this will cause the pan to rapidly overflow. (The pan is quite shallow, usually only one inch deep.) The condensate pump can also jam or break, preventing the water from leaving the pan.

Call for Repairs Right Away

Don’t ignore water leaking from your AC as a “minor” issue. It can cause water damage to your house, especially the air conditioner is in the attic. If the furnace is housed under the air conditioner, the water moisture can trigger corrosion in the heater.

You shouldn’t try to tamper with the condensate drainage system yourself. Professional HVAC technicians can address the problem, clearing the drain, reattaching it, replacing the pan, or whatever else will stop the leaking.

Comfort Flow Heating has the air conditioning repair you may need this summer in Eugene, OR, any time of the day or night.

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